I been learning HTML/CSS and Others.

So far I done a few weeks learning & coding HTML/CSS and its very interesting.

I’m learning it because to understand how to make a website or design one so I can probably make my own website.

Its been 3 months I never been posting for a long time.

I also never done any blender modeling for a long time so rest in peace blender for now & I bought a new toolkit to fix my DSi L trigger.

Soon in a few weeks I’m to learn JLPT N3 and Spanish which is going to make me more tired, but I’m happy in the back.

I’m tired anyways so good night!


Today I made a mug in Blender v2.71

Back then on 2016 on Summer I used blender before to make textures for Unturned in steam to make skins, but now I kinda got interested by making a cup on blender so I tried it out. So today or last few hours ago in the morning I made something on blender v2.71 to try out 3D Modelling and this is what I made in 1 hour by watching a tutorial by tutor4u.

But the only thing that looks so wrong about this Cup is the handle so I might make another one, and next practice on blender first I need practice on this cup and learn more settings so I can make it better. If you wanna try out blender click here to go to official site to look more about it, and if you need tutorials go to tutor4u because his tutorials seems good for teaching blender modelling. I enjoy my cup of coffee anyways.

I might gonna go back and do more modelling for fun.

-Michael MAOUDA